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Packages marked as delivered but cannot be located.Updated 2 months ago

Please look around the delivery location for your package and check with neighbors to see if someone else received your delivery by mistake. Please have a secure delivery location provided at the requested address. If the delivery area is accessible to others, a specific delivery time should be arranged with the carrier to avoid package loss. Once a package is marked as delivered to the address entered at checkout, Geometry is not responsible. 

We suggest you contact the carrier using the provided tracking number to request a more precise location update for the package. Fulfillment third parties, such as USPS or FedEx, must be contacted for further resolution.

 Please note that erroneous and incomplete address submissions inputted by the user will cause delays, returns, and other issues that will impact the successful shipping of your order.

USPS and FedEx can look up and see via GPS where the package was actually delivered. Mistakes do happen from time to time, and the package could have been delivered to the wrong house or even the wrong street! If USPS or FedEx confirms that the package was delivered to your home, you are likely dealing with a stolen package and should file a claim with the shipping carrier.

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